Remote Near-Real-Time Reporting of Coastal Current, Wave, and Tide Data from Remote Geographic Areas


Turn-Key End-to-End Solutions

Flexible Installations; Buoy or Fix-Mounted

Data Transmission Over Standard Digital Cellular Plans

Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Access via              Analytics Platform Service (annual license required)

Solar Powered for Long-Term Unattended Deployments

Accomodates the ACM-PLUS Family and other Sensors

FSI Pingers, Flashers, Locators
SAF-553 Stand-Alone Flasher
ELPF-553 Flasher-Pinger
Small, Lightweight, Intelligent, Programmable, Battery-Powered
MCR554 Echo-Angler
Acoustic Receiver, Up To 16 Simultaneous Channels
Deep-Water Beacons
FSI Services, Capabilities, Facilities
Electrical, Mechanical, and System Design
Field & Support Services
Specialized Prototyping, Manufacturing, and Calibration
Advanced Assembly, Potting, Encapsulation
Cables and Other Sub-Assemblies
Electrical & Acoustic Test
     10,000 psi Pressure Test Tank 
   12-ft Acoustic Test Tank
Environmental Test Chambers
Company Research Vessel
Close proximity to industry resources and open water test locations