Seismic, Sub-Bottom, Side Scan, and Combined Sonar Systems

Bubble Gun Low-Frequency Acoustic Seismic Systems

CHIRPceiver Sub-Bottom Profiling Systems

Side Scan Sonar and Combined Systems

Low-frequency acoustic signals provide superior sub-bottom penetration through coarse sand, gravel tills, and other difficult sediments

Two Available Transducers:
Standard 70 Hz to 2 KHz
Low Frequency LF 20 Hz to 2 KHz

Small component size, portability, and low power requirements make this a valuable tool for any survey platform

Multiple Sources can be synchronized to a common trigger without need for external timing control

Highly repeatable shot-to-shot phase and amplitude wavelet correlation and clean source frequency bandwidth signatures facilitate post processing & data analysis

Complete Systems for High Resolution   Sub-Bottom Surveys

Single or Dual Freq Transceivers
  • LF (1KHz-10KHz) 
  • HF (8KHz-23KHz)
  • ULF (200Hz-2KHz)
Flexible Deployment Options
  • Hull Mount
  • Side Mount
  • Tow Vehicles

Sub-Bottom Transducers are available for a variety of survey and vessel needs

Please contact FSI to discuss your specific applications

Dual Simultaneous 100/400 KHz             Side Scan Sonar System
  • Embedded CHIRPceiver
  • CHIRP and CW Modes
  • Ethernet Interface for Data, Control, and Processing
  • DSL Over Coax
  • 2000m Depth Tow Fish

Combined 100/400 KHz Side Scan with    1-10 KHz Sub-Bottom
  • Tow Fish options for SB, SS, or combo
  • Tow Fish Depths up to 3000m

All compatible with industry standard data acquisition & processing software packages

Portable 400 /1250 KHz Side Scan Sonar for search and recovery operations
  • Available as a complete package with rugged PC and data acq software