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Standard Acoustic Transducers

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Custom Transducer Capabilities:
Different materials, shapes and sizes:

Single Crystal PZT 4, PZT 8,etc. 
Tonpilz, LCAT,VLF, Bender, Flextensional,Trioid, Power Wheel, CMX, Spherical Custom Designs.

  • The HMS-650 is a very rugged, high power, underwater transducer specifically designed for marine sub-bottom profilers and echo-sounders.
  •  The transducer is designed to operate in the 200Hz to 2kHz frequency range.
  • The HMS-ATTR-4.5K transducer is a tonpilz piston source approximately 1/2 wavelength in diameter at the center of its operating frequency range and is designed with an industry standard mounting hole pattern through 4-corner integral mounts which allows support for both new and existing vessel array configurations.
  • The transducer is designed for operation in a variety of configurations to support shallow water surveys to deep water hull mounted arrays capable of operation in survey depths up to 6Km.
  • The FSI VLF Low Frequency Sound Source is a high power underwater transducer specifically designed for tomography applications.
  • The patented cantilevered bender design is capable of operating at full ocean depth.
  • FSI has been designing and manufacturing precision sensors, sonar systems, and transducers for the oceanographic community since it was founded in 1989, and has extensive experience in building complex transducer elements and arrays for government and commercial customers around the world.