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ACM-PLUS Family of High-Accuracy Current, Wave, & Tide Measurement Instruments and Systems

Our Sensors

  • Vector-Averaged 3D Current Speed & Direction
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Internal Data Logging
  • Self-contained, Not Dependent on Reflectors
  • Internal Tilt & Compass Correction
  • Low-Power Mode for Long-Term Deployments
  • Three Depth Ratings -300m, 7000m
  • The ACM-PLUS is available in either shallow-water or deep-water housings. The device may also be equipped with an optional pressure sensor, an optional CTD module, and can be configured to log up to two analog inputs from external sensors (e.g., DO, OBS, etc.).
  • 3D Current Speed & Direction
  • 3D Wave Height & Direction
  • True Tide & Added Barometer
  • ACM-PLUS-MP Moored Profiler Acoustic Current Meter delivers extremely precise three dimensional velocity measurements.
  • 1D Wave Height
  • True Tide with Added Barometer
  • Available Options Include:
  • Integrated CTD
  • Internal Pressure Sensor
  • Serial Input for External Sensors
  • Special Configuration Available for Profiling Systems
  • Pressure Sensor Based Measurement
  • Self-Contained Stand-Alone System
  • Real-Time Monitoring & Internal Data Logging
  • Internal Barometer for Atmospheric Compensation
  • Telemetry for Remote Reporting
  • Flexible Power - AC, Battery, Solar

Optio‚Äčnal Services

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Cables, Telemetry
Web Based Data Display
Fixed Mounting Platforms
Buoy Systems
Deployment Systems
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